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Cone Strip Plating Barrel

Cone Strip Plating Barrel

These specialty barrels are the perfect option for plating involving a variety of parts in which traditional processes involving cathode contacts are not optimal.  In lieu of electrical contact being supplied by danglers inside the barrel, multiple grooves are machined to fit strip contacts throughout the inside of the plating barrel.  The metal strips sit flush with the barrel so parts do not get stuck or damaged.  This versatile plating equipment is ideal for small delicate parts, sharp aggressive parts and long parts that could tangle with cathode danglers. Another Advantage of these barrels are that with multi-point metal contacts it gives a more uniform coating versus two point dangler plating.

Ideal Parts to be Plated with NMFE Cone Strip Plating Barrels:

  • Small, delicate parts.  When processing these parts in traditional plating barrels with cathode danglers for contact, small parts can be bent or damaged by the heavy metal ends of the dangler.  Burrowed contact strips give the same even coverage of plating without worry of damaged parts.
  • Sharp, aggressive parts.  When plating parts with sharp edges such as screws or blades, traditional danglers can be damaged and wear quickly with continuous contact with these parts.  The cost of continually having to replace danglers can be saved by using the Cone Strip Plating Barrels.
  • Long, linear parts.  When plating long, linear parts such as chains or other linked metals a common problem is that those parts will nest or become tangled with the danglers.  This will result in damage to the parts or danglers and can also leave non uniform coating.  The Cone Strip Plating Barrels offer a wide open area for these parts to be coated, resulting in a more uniform and efficient plating process.
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The Novo MFE Advantage:

  • Less Replacement of Wearable Parts

    Because metal contact strips are grooved and bolted around interior of barrel there are no wearable parts within the barrel like can be found using cathode connectors that wear out in the plating process.
  • Less Scrap and Cross Contamination of Parts

    Without plating danglers protruding into the barrel the result is less scrap especially when plating small, fragile parts or long linear pieces that can nest or wrap around the danglers. Also since metal contact strips are recessed in grooves along barrel interior there are no areas where parts could get stuck and mixed with other batches.

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