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Novo Metal Finishing Equipment (MFE) provides both Standard Depth and Fully Submerged Polyglass® Hanger Arms for rotatable barrels in the metal electroplating and wet processing industries.  The Novo MFE Industrial Hanger Arms are fabricated from a rugged mix of polypropylene and fiberglass for increased corrosion and wear resistance.

Both models of the Novo MFE Hanger Arms are direct replacements for worn plating equipment on a mass plating line and are held in stock at our manufacturing facility in Bristol, Connecticut.   Hanger Arms and other replacement parts are available to ship from Novo MFE the same day as an order is received.  Whether you need a bare replacement Hanger Arm to a completely loaded drive end with horns, gear train and a collar bearing, we ship components immediately to get your plating line up and running quickly.

Depending on your tank setup hanger arms can be customizable by both material and shape.  At Novo Metal Finishing Equipment we can match your setup and use not only our molded poly hanger arms but also can create out of standard polypropolene or stainless steel.  We can also design custom shapes for arms or cut off the top wing for a more straight up and down design.  Talk to our Sales Specialist to work on the optimal design for your setup and process.

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The Novo MFE Advantage:

  • Even Plated Parts

    The Novo Precision Metal Finishing Equipment Hanger Arms are an ideal solution for rotating plating barrels, enabling increased solution flow and increased contact rates, resulting in the evenly coated parts.
  • Seamless Replacement

    The Novo MFE Hanger Arms provide direct-fit replacements for existing plating lines.
  • Corrosion Resistance

    The high-quality Polyglass® design results in minimal corrosion in even in the most challenging environment. This means the Novo Metal Finishing Equipment Hanger Arms have one of the longest lifespans in the industry.

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