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Portable Plating Barrels

Novo Metal Finishing Equipment (MFE) manufactures Portable Barrels for the handling precious metal parts, smaller loads and delicate components. We offer both tank driven and self-contained motorized units for the plating and wet barrel finishing industries. Our cylindrical design ProKnob Polypropylene barrel construction combined with precision perforations deliver a durable, trap-free construction barrel without the need for grooved internal panels.

With decades of experience in the metal finishing industry, we provide high quality solutions that meet the needs of each specific product and system. The equipment design team supports the entire range of product design options: from standard barrels, same-as-except changes to custom-designed barrels.  Our engineering team is highly sought-after to solve plating and misplating problems associated with challenging, delicate and critical parts. We also provide exact-fit solutions for replacement and retrofit needs.

Combine the Novo MFE Portable Barrels with our rugged Polyglass Hanger Ars for a tough, efficient barrel assembly to replace any end of life components. 

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The Novo MFE Advantage:

  • Increased Plating Quality

    Our barrels are fabricated with ProKnob Polypropylene to reduce material catching, eliminate material nesting and increase current flow. Our single-body, thermally bent barrels are extrusion welded to the ends, creating a seamless internal volume and eliminating catch points for fluid to collect. We leverage a tight drilling pattern maximize drainage for better rinsing and faster drying.
  • Increased Barrel Life

    Our single-body ProKnob Polyproylene barrel is one of the most durable designs in the industry. The extrusion welding on the ends is significantly more durable than traditional hand-welding the joints. The increased drainage facilitated by the tight hole pattern and elimination of fluid catch points allows the barrel to be used for an increased number of cycles.
  • Reduced Process Cost

    Novo MFE barrels are made-to-order for exact system fit. This eliminates any design retrofits, process compromises or extra manufacturing work-arounds. The seamless internal body reduces dragout and reduces the frequency of wastewater changeover . The textured interior reduces material catching all throughout the barrel which increases product plating yields.

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Novo Metal Finishing offers a wide range of metal finishing services and products customized to meet your specific needs.

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