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Rotating Barrel Alarm


Rotating or oscillating equipment can stop movement for all sorts of reasons – broken or worn gears, broken motors, broken chain drives, failed electronics, barrels out of the saddle, to name a few.  Whenever one of these happens and the turning stops, it costs time and money.  This alarm will prevent this lost work due to equipment stoppage by giving a loud alarm and flashing LED when there is a failure.  Once installed, the equipment monitoring is fully automatic and there is nothing to do, not even maintenance. The only action for an operator to take is to silence the buzzer if an alarm occurs.


The Rotation Alarm detects rotation using a strong magnet attached to the moving equipment. Every time there is a rotation, or oscillation, the magnet is detected by a probe. This probe is attached to the electronics box and if the magnet and the countdown is reset. If the magnet is not detected, then the timer counts down all the way and a loud alarm is given. This alarm can be silenced by the operator.

In some applications, you don’t want the rotation alarm active all the time. To choose when is should be active, there are a couple of options. For plating barrels, it is best to detect the presence of the barrel in the tank with a proximity switch. That way, when there is no barrel in the tank there will be no alarm given.  For other applications like rotary drum filters or other machines, the rotation alarm electronics can be energized by the drum filter power. (so you don’t have an alarm when the filter is turned off)


  • The countersunk magnet in mounted somewhere on the rotating equipment where it is convenient for it to pass by the detecting probe.
  • Mount the detecting probe in a locaion where it will sense the magnet. (within 1 inch of the magnet)  
  • Mount the electronics box where the flashing LED is visible to an operator.
  • Mount the pre-wired proximity switch on your tank. The proximity switch has a range of up to 25-35mm depending on the size of the target.
  • Setting the preferred time is as easy as setting a kitchen timer by pressing the internal buttons. 


The probe that detects the magnet comes in either 12 or 16 inch lengths. To choose the best length, use the depth of the barrel axis below the tank rim.


The rotation alarm was developed for plating barrels originally, but they are used in many different industries. Any equipment that rotates, oscillates, agitates, or conveys at reasonably low speed can be alarmed with the rotation alarm. (so motors turning at 3000 RPM would not be candidates) The only requirement is that the magnet cycle past the detecting probe. Examples of other successful applications we have equipped with rotation failure alarms are rotary drum filters, and grinding machines that activate the rotation stoppage alarm based on air pressure. (video)

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The Novo MFE Advantage:

  • Waterproof and Rugged

    High quality materials, built to withstand the toughest plating environments. Built for rough, wet and corrosive environments
  • Loud

    103dB warbling tone cuts through the loudest industrial noise.
  • Simple

    Easy to use and programming & setting timer

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