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Tank Plating Saddles

When processing high quality, metal plated components, it is important to maintain and replace high-impact components like plating saddles on the plating line.  With decades of experience in the metal finishing industry, Novo Metal Finishing Equipment stocks a complete line of barrel, tank and rack plating saddles.  Compatible with automatic and manual plating lines, Novo MFE provides bronze saddles for electroplating and Polypropylene saddles for electroless plating and rinse tanks.

With the speed of electroplating influenced only by the strength of the electric current, maximizing amperage draw is important to a smooth plating process.  This is why we supply we provide high-quality and durable replacement saddles that enable maximum electric power transfer.  Our durable, corrosion-resistant V-Block bronze cast electrified saddles can be used with both barrel and rack plating lines.  Contact surfaces are machined to match barrel or rack horns.  Replacement saddles are available for electrified and non-electrified applications.  

In electroless (chemical or auto-catalytic) plating, saddles are exposed to additional chemical abrasion and mechanical wear.  The durable Novo MFE Polypropylene saddles are an exact-fit for barrel or rack plating lines and are designed to withstand this challenging environment. 

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The Novo MFE Advantage:

  • Durability

    Routine replacement of barrel and rack saddles is critical to the equipment preventive maintenance cycle. Novo MFE provides high quality saddles and horns that withstand high electrical currents, hostile chemical abuse and manual wear to improve the lifespan of these critical components.
  • High Conductivity

    For electroplating, the Novo MFE Bronze Alloy V-Block saddles are machined to ensure a clean and even contact junction. The V-Block design provides a large and consistent contact area, ensuring maximum current flow and reducing power losses. Novo MFE also provides horns for both barrel and rack plating, ensuring maximum current flow past the hanger arm or through the flight bar.
  • Corrosion Resistance

    Maintaining clean contact surfaces and preventing contamination are the principal concerns for the maintenance team on a plating line. The Novo MFE V-Block Saddles are fabricated from corrosion resistant bronze alloy or polypropylene, making it easier to clean and keep clean.

V-Block Saddle Specifications:

Material Options: Bronze Alloy, Polypropylene
Size Ranges: X to Y
Current Capacity: (Bronze Alloy only) 100 amps to 8,000 amps

View Novo Metal Finishing Technology’s Horns for both barrel and rack applications.

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