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Metal Plating Barrels

High-Quality Design

Novo Metal Plating Equipment offers the industry's most durable and high-quality metal plating barrels. Crafted from top-grade steel or stainless steel, our barrels are designed to endure the heaviest and most demanding loads. Each barrel is made to order and available in various sizes and perforation patterns to meet your specific needs.

Located in Bristol, Connecticut, Novo Metal Finishing Equipment has proudly been part of the Connecticut manufacturing sector since 2004. Our design team supports the entire spectrum of product design options, from exact-fit replacement barrels and modifications to existing designs to custom-designed barrels for new systems. 

Solutions for Any Size

In addition to custom barrel sizes, we offer options specifically designed to accommodate your part dimensions. Our range of perforation options ensures optimal solution flow while preventing part entrapment. We also provide various door options, including clamp style, IO door style, slide lock, and dual door center post configurations.

Beyond the Barrel

We offer additional products to help you overcome production challenges. For example, our bespoke superstructures are available in steel, stainless steel, or epoxy-coated finishes. The ergonomic design of our Sorting Table minimizes strain and fatigue for operators. Our Plating Barrel Cart provides a safe and efficient way to store and transport products within your facility.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

We also provide a comprehensive range of replacement parts. Our selection includes cathode danglers, durable hanger arms, gears, horns, saddles, and more.

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The Novo MFE Advantage:

  • High Temperature Plating

    Our durable metal barrels are designed for high-temperature plating operations, such as nickel, zinc, and precious metal plating.
  • Increased Plating Quality

    Our metal barrels are designed to reduce material catching, eliminate material nesting, and increase current flow.
  • Reduced Process Cost

    Our barrels are made-to-order for exact system fit, eliminating design retrofits, process compromises, or extra manufacturing workarounds.

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Novo Metal Finishing offers a wide range of metal finishing services and products customized to meet your specific needs.

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