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Rack Plating Saddles, Horns and Flight Bars

When processing high quality, rack plated components, it is important to maintain and replace parts on the metal plating line frequently.  With decades of experience in the metal finishing industry, Novo Metal Finishing Equipment stocks a complete line of barrel, tank and rack plating replacement parts.  The Novo MFE machined bronze tank saddles, horns and flight bars are exact fit replacements for warn parts on your rack plating line.

At Novo Metal Finishing equipment, we know that delicate, intricate and large parts are unable to go in a plating barrel and must be rack plated.  These racks are custom-made and specifically designed for these parts.  Since rack plating is already a more expensive process, it is important to optimize the process in order to reduce the time spent plating and rinsing the parts. 

With the speed of electroplating influenced only by how much current reaches the immersed parts in the plating solution, maximizing the contact areas between the saddles, horns, and flight bars is extremely important.  Our V-Block bronze saddles are machined in house to closely match the rack plating horn at the contact surfaces.  Novo MFE also provides all of the replacement parts for rack plating, including: saddles, horns and flight bars.

Novo Metal Finishing Equipment also has Polypropylene V-Block saddles for rinse tanks and electroless metal plating lines.  From barrel plating to rack plating to rinse tanks, Novo MFE has the replacement components you need to get up and running quickly. We not only offer bronze standard plating saddle and horns but also a non electrified polypropylene version as well which will save costs when not needing electric current.

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