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Novo Metal Finishing Equipment (MFE) provides drop-in replacement components for the metal plating and wet processing industries. We supply an array of cathode danglers from our manufacturing facility in Bristol, Connecticut. With over 100 years of combined industry experience, we have become a trusted supplier for manufacturing and process companies all over the country.

Our plating danglers are manufactured with the highest quality TF insulated cable for maximum flexibility and durability. The PVC sleeve along the length of the dangler is crimped into the contact tip to avoid fluid carryover, material abrasion and cable deterioration. Standard cable sizes range from 4/0 to #8. Contact tip material can be specified as 1018 steel, stainless steel, brass or copper. The contact tip size and shape are customizable to ensure an exact match for the barrels and the plated parts.

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The Novo MFE Advantage:

  • Increased Component Life

    Our rugged danglers are built to handle the repeated chemical and mechanical abuse environment inside of the plating barrel. The PVC protective sleeve is crimped into the contact tip to prevent fluid incursion and cable deterioration. The TF insulated cable is both durable and flexible during the exposure to repeated abuse during the plating process.
  • Increased Plating Efficiency

    Since electroplating speed is influenced only by the strength of the electric current going through the electrolyte solution, the dangler plays an important role in the plating efficiency. This is why metal plating service companies request our highly efficient Novo MFE barrel danglers. The Novo MFE cables are not only electrically efficient, they also eliminate fluid carryover at the seams and in order to increase overall process efficiency.
  • Responsive Supplier

    The Novo MFE team is located inside of the Novo Campus in Bristol, Connecticut. We respond directly to requests via phone and email. As experts in metal finishing, we provide components and assemblies for customers in a wide array of industries. Our product portfolio ranges from components such as horns, saddles and danglers to full portable barrel plating assemblies. We take pride in being a US manufacturing company, and we make communication a top priority.

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Novo Metal Finishing offers a wide range of metal finishing services and products customized to meet your specific needs.

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