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Custom Plating Basket

Custom Plating Baskets

Novo Metal Finishing Equipment provides a single-source solution for our customer’s surface finishing production needs.  Designed and manufactured in the US, we create the best-in-class custom anode, dipping and dryer baskets for use in a wide range of plating processes.  We produce both round and rectangular baskets to our customer’s design specifications.  Typical basket material includes A, B, and C.  Any more specifications?

The Novo Metal Finishing Equipment anode baskets are designed and manufactured in Bristol, Connecticut.  Our building is situated inside of the Novo Precision campus and has been recently renovated.  We are proud to be an active member of the Connecticut manufacturing sector since 2004.

With decades of experience in the metal finishing industry, we provide high quality and durable solutions that meet the needs of each specific product and system.  Our equipment design team supports the entire range of product design options: from exact fit replacement baskets, to changes on existing designs, to custom-designed barrels for new systems and more. Whether you are a system integrator working on a new design or an OEM in need of a replacement basket, Novo Metal Finishing Equipment has the product solutions to meet your plating needs.


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The Novo MFE Advantage:

  • Increase Plating Quality

    Our baskets are fabricated with your process mind. We collaborate with you to determine the ideal design qualities of your basket. Our industry knowledge translates to better fluid flow and reduced trapped material throughout the process.
  • Increased Basket Life

    We design our products to withstand normal mechanical and chemical stresses. We determine the perfect balance between fluid drainage and material catch points in order to minimize rinse time. Less processing time means increased basket life and reduced processing time.
  • Reduced Process Costs

    Novo MFE baskets are made-to-order for exact system fit. We design our products to help our customers maintain process consistency, uniform plating thickness and tank cleanliness.

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Novo Metal Finishing offers a wide range of metal finishing services and products customized to meet your specific needs.

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