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Poly Dipping Baskets

Poly Dipping Baskets

Novo Metal Finishing Equipment supplies exact-fit polypropylene and metal plating baskets, dipping baskets  , and spin-drying baskets . These baskets are designed for high temperatures, repeated use, and exposure to plating chemicals and acids. Our plating basket lineup includes several types of barrels and optional parts to meet the needs of each specific application.

Polypropylene Baskets with Polypropylene Handles

Used in dipping and spin dryers, these long-lasting plating baskets withstand high temperatures, plating chemicals, and acids. We design baskets to fit specific spin dryer make and models to ensure optimal performance.


Polypropylene Baskets with Stainless Steel Handles

These sturdy plating baskets are for dipping and spin-drying applications. They boast heightened chemical and heat resistance (even beyond boiling temperatures). They possess inherent corrosion resistance and exceptional durability. When used in a spin dryer, we match the basket dimensions to a specific spin dryer make and model.


Heavy Duty Dipping Baskets

We have a solution for challenging and heavier batches. Our 12”x12” and 18”x18” are reinforced for heavier loads. These dipping baskets include a reinforced stainless steel swing handle or a plastic pyramid-type handle.

The 12”x12” can be upgraded to include one or two plastic girth supports.[MC1] 


Our plating basket portfolio includes custom-made parts, including:


Polypropylene Acid Bucket with Spout

This 12”x12” acid bucket is constructed of 18” welded polypropylene and a 304 stainless steel handle. The capacity is 4 gallons, and the spout is built-in for easy and splash-free pouring.


Plating Basket Lids

Lids and covers are made-to-order and match the plating basket. Lids are constructed of polypropylene with twist lock closure (quarter turn to open and close).

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The Novo MFE Advantage:

  • Increased Part Life

    Our durable plating baskets, used in dipping and spin dryers, can withstand high temperatures, plating chemicals, and acids.
  • Increased Process Quality

    Our plating baskets withstand most plating chemicals and acids. With superb corrosion resistance, these plating baskets reduce the risk of contamination.
  • Reduced Process Cost

    Our plating baskets are designed to fit specific spin dryers to ensure optimal performance.

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Novo Metal Finishing offers a wide range of metal finishing services and products customized to meet your specific needs.

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