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Plating Barrel Door Options

Plating Barrel Door Options

At Novo Metal Finishing Equipment customization is our calling card.  Your barrel will be made to your exact specification around length, diameter, perforation size and also to include what style door you would like. We offer many options when it comes to plating barrel doors which offer benefits to ease of opening/closing, solution flow, parts containment and so much more.

Clamp Style Door

We have a variety of clamp styles and shapes to include titanium in both coated and uncoated variety.  Clamp style is a standard in barrel plating as it is easy to remove and put on.  The durability of titanium to stand up against constant bending and submergence in a variety of corrosive liquids make it an ideal solution for your plating needs.  This is a very cost effective product that will result in a high ROI for your company.

I/O Style Door

The NMFE I/O Style Door is a great option in which there is no need to purchase replacement clamps if they wear.  These custom fabricated doors are closed by putting doors through hole and closing them from inside of barrel.  This allows a seal to form and pressure from parts and solution keep door shut tight and no parts escape.  Easy twist spring triggered knobs are used for opening and closing of doors giving ease of use and extra security.

Novo Slide/Lock Door

This door style is a Novo original and also leaves no need for replacement clamps.  A groove is cut in the rib the length of the barrel and the door slides right in giving an ultra secure closure. Easy open close by twisting spring loaded knobs and sliding on or off the door.

Dual Door Center Post

This style allows for two doors side by side with a center support post. Grooves are cut in each barrel head and the doors slide into those grooves.  These are used on multiplaters when two different parts may be being plated at once or on larger barrels where two smaller doors as opposed to one large is more efficient and supported.

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